Application/Team Project

Clean Titans

Clean Titans 2.0 is the current version of an application designed to teach children to responsibly do their chores. This was completed as my final project while attending the Coding Boot Camp at GA Tech.

React, SQL, node, express.js, authO

Hackathon Project

She's In STEM

She's in STEM was a project on which I worked while attending the Women Who Code ATL Annual Hackathon in 2017.

Javascript, Materialize, Firebase


Foodie Finder

Foodie Finder is a friend finding application in which the user answers questions and is matched with people who enjoy similar foods.

Javascript, node, express.js


Open Fridge

Open Fridge is a recipe finding app which allows the user to enter ingredients they have in their home, and returns recipes which include those items.


Train Scheduler

The train scheduler was a homework assignment designed to reinforce skills with moments.js.



Giftastic was a homework assignment designed to teach API/AJAX calls.


Nasty Women Trivia

Nasty Women Trivia is a trivia game, the theme of which is uppity women I admire.

Test your knowledge about a few brave, bright, creative, butt-kicking ladies.


Crystal Clarity

Crystal Clarity was one of my first javascript assignments. It is a counting game, and a lot of fun to play!

Come and seek enlightenment with a few of your friendly neighborhood deities!


Hangman for Geeks

Geeky Hangman was an early javascript homework assignment.